The little things that matter.


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Florence isn’t all about the fancy, massive and glorious renaissance buildings and churches. Some neighbourhoods of the city have small markets that sell vintage and/or local products at surprisingly low prices sometimes. I took these photos in this small neighbourhood that hosts a tiny permanent vintage market right next to the Loggia del Pesce. If you’re a fan of vintage lamps, paintings, furniture, photos and magazines, this is the place to go. It’s one of the places I alway try to take my friends who are visiting Florence just to show them a different side of the city.





Thoughts on Florence


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Living in Florence has its ups and downs.

It’s a noisy city and it’s full of tourists who confronted with the indescribable beauty of this city, usually lose their ability to walk properly. Most of them even decide to make matters worse by carrying around their massive backpacks and long selfie sticks at all times. Florence isn’t a forgiving city from an economical standpoint. During the years, I’ve seen countless businesses fail and vanish permanently, businesses that I liked, businesses that I had grown to appreciate. There’s little room for improvement in Florence. Everything has been in the same place for the last 600 years, every building, every fountain, every garden. This makes living there a bit frustrating for minds who yearn for new things, who need new images, new colors, new feelings. It’s a city that demands perfection, something I for one, do not possess. Florence is expensive. It’s a city designed for the rich. Being a simple person with a simple job in Florence doesn’t cut it. You won’t even make it to the end of the month in a dignified manner. In most cases, even having lots of money isn’t enough. You need connections. Florence is a city with stone buildings that have many dark windowless rooms in which old rich men make decisions for the rest of us.

Florence is my favourite city in the world. Florence is the place where a small number of men managed to give physical form to that magical portion of our existence which flows through our bodies without being noticed. I can’t help but think of the words of Louis Isadore Kahn :”What was, has always been. What is, has always been. What will be, has always been.”. Florence has always been there. Florence is that part of our collective essence that was lucky enough to be noticed and then realized by artists such as Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Leon Battista Alberti. Florence is our attempt to please the gods not mere human beings.

Hope you enjoy the photos and as always let me know what you think of them.







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If I had to associate a feeling to fog, I would choose loneliness. There’s nobility and elegance in loneliness. I wish I could witness fog like this more often so I would have more time to clear my thoughts and be alone in an open space, away from all the noise (both physical and mental).

If you’re a person who often finds himself thinking about the bigger picture, about the more profound ascpects of our existence, chances are you are lonley too. Then for you, my lonely friend, I wish a foggy day.

I took these pictures at the lake of Konstanz. I usually don’t like carrying a big camera and big lenses with me when I go for walks and if I see something interesting that I want to capture in a photo, my cell phone will have to do. Luckily cellphones these days take amazing wide angle pictures.

I would love to know, which natural phenomenon makes you feel more at home?





look up!


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This is my first post since January. That’s because I thought I was done with the world of blogging. I wasn’t getting enough exposure and I was frustrated so I decided to move everything to Facebook and Instagram AND it was horrible. Every moment of it was just pure torture. Seeing my photos next to selfies and thoughtless random pictures and competing with adolescent teenagers to get more views was a terrible experience, so here I am, writing on my blog again, a space that’s MINE and I can do with it whatever I want and I don’t have to be judged by people who’ve never even tried to take a nice photo.

So the question is: Is blogging dead? My answer is simple: NO. It is not, because thinking individuals will always prefer to give a little more depth to their art rather than just randomly posting photos on Instagram. Blogging will NEVER die as long as there are people who like to dedicate their energy to their art whether it be writing, designing, taking photos, or cooking.

The title of this series of images derives from the way they were captured. I usually tell people who want to learn photography, to keep their cameras straight and not point them upwards or downwards but in the case of capturing architectural details, it’s actually okay to to point your camera upwards as long as you manage to keep the horizontal lines, horizontal and the vertical lines, vertical.

I really hope that some of my old followers are still around and will read this article and see these photos.



Abstract Indoor Photography


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Stuck at home? Bored? Raining outside? No worries I’ve got you covered! Grab your camera, set the exposure to at least 1 second and start taking abstract photos of everyday objects! Today, I had some free time so I decided to do tons of laundry. As I was hanging the sheets on the drying rack, I came up with the idea of taking abstract photos of them. I got the effect that I was looking for by setting a long exposure and panning the camera. I hope I’ve given you some ideas to have fun with your camers even when you can’t go out.



Alternative Berlin


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The thing that I love the most about Berlin is that it’s a city that doesn’t judge. You don’t have to possess certain predetermined characteristics there to be accepted by the society. In other words, in Berlin it’s okay to be “strange”.

This summer I photographed these beautiful works of art on the streets of Berlin. I think the best thing about these graffiti is their “temporary nature”. You know they’re not going to be there forever, you know that they will change as the times change and as the city changes. They are not made to last nor do they want to. Their sole purpose is to have an impact on the society at the right time and then after their message has been delivered, they just, disappear.




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